“One of the 10 most important foods in the World!”

“One of the 10 most important foods in the World!”

Discover over 40 tasty recipes that will show you how to enjoy the amazing health benefits of the famous acai berry – the fruit that Oprah Winfrey called

Are you interested in healthy cooking and eating?
Does a health packed berry whose taste has been described like a mixture of blueberries and chocolate sound good?
Are you interested in enjoying the following health benefits?

Improved skin tone - younger and healthier-looking skin

•Better circulation - especially to the hands and feet

Relief from inflammation

•Lower cholesterol

Increased energy and vitality

•Healthier eyes - better night vision

Stronger ability to fight off colds, flu and other illnesses

If you answered yes to any of the questions then you need Acai Berry Sensations – the definitive recipe book with over 40 mouth-watering recipes that will show you how to enjoy the wonderful health benefits of the tasty acai berry.

From breakfast to desserts, you can now eat acai every day in ways that will keep it tasting different each time while making sure you get the maximum health benefits for your body!

With over 40 tasty recipes, Acai Berry Sensations will show you how to enjoy the best health benefits of the acai berry with step by step cooking instructions!

The recipes contained in my book will cover all your needs, whether it’s breakfast or dinner, smoothies or cocktails, you will always be able to prepare something for any occasion.

You will learn to create delicious breakfasts, snacks, main courses, desserts and more, all containing the wonderful acai berry and its great health benefits!

You can even download the book instantly – which means you don’t have to wait days for the order to arrive!

Each recipe is clearly explained so you can cook the dishes perfectly every time. You’ll find out that there’s nothing better than cooking tasty and healthy food every time!

If you are serious about healthy cooking then you need to look no further - Acai Berry Sensations will deliver!

So how much will the book cost?!

Acai Berry Sensations comes with my iron-clad 8 week no-questions-asked guarantee. Yes, you heard that right - no questions asked guarantee. I hate all those guarantees you get where they try and qualify everything. You know the type - “If you buy this product and only read half the pages within a 5 day period and then fill out this 3 page form we will consider giving you a refund”. No! Not me. I give you a simple straightforward guarantee.

If at any time within the next 56 days (that''s 8 weeks!) you decide that Acai Berry Sensations isn’t for you then I will give you your money back with no questions asked. Now that’s a simple and straightforward guarantee. What I call putting my money where your mouth is! Yup, about the same as the cost of ordering one smoothie or a latte!

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When you order Acai Berry sensations, I will also give you, free of charge, a copy of Acai Berry Smoothies, a collection of my 13 favorite acai berry smoothie recipes!

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