Top 5 Success Traits in the Super Successful

Top 5 Success Traits in the Super Successful

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Even though wildly successful people all share certain traits, they’re not super-human traits.You can identify and develop these traits if you truly want to succeed. Yes, with hard work and determination, you can become one of the super successful!

In your journey to achieve your goals, you’ll invariably have to deal with challenges, and even setbacks, from time to time. Every successful person faces some hardship along the way. However, it’s important to remember that those with the drive to succeed will stop at nothing until they achieve their success.

Here are the top five super success traits, along with tips to help you acquire them:

1. Strong beliefs in yourself and what you’re doing. Put your whole heart into your endeavors and truly believe that you can succeed in what you set out to accomplish. If you run into a snag in the road, find something positive you can learn from the situation and use that to keep moving forward. If necessary, develop a new plan to overcome the challenge.

  • Think positively about yourself in all aspects of your life. In order to avoid being too critical, keep in mind that no one is perfect and accept that you’ll make mistakes just like any other human. As valuable learning experiences, mistakes can actually benefit you.

2. Being organized and having clear plans. Successful people are organized. They know what they want and how they’re going to get there. They develop clear goals with specific action steps to achieve them. Plus, they know where they are on that road to success at all times.

  • You can develop this skill by starting with your general organizational skills. Start small by organizing your desk space. Then organize your notes. Move onto planning out your success by setting clear goals.
  • What do you want? How are you going to get there? Make a detailed plan ofachievable action steps that will take you all the way through accomplishing your goal. Then follow your plan. It’s your map to success.

3. Perseverance. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is pure perseverance. There will be times when you’re faced with difficult challenges. You may even feel like giving up. However, it’s important to find the strength within you to pull yourself through, even in these tough times.

  • In order to develop perseverance, reflect on how you normally handle conflicts in life. Do you give up easily when faced with a challenge? Think of those times you gave up. What could you have done differently to encourage yourself to keep going?
  • After reflecting on your normal mode of operation, start changing your mindset about challenges. Instead of bemoaning the challenge, seek a way to overcome it so you can complete your task. Do this each day, with even small challenges, and soon you’ll find yourself persevering through larger challenges with ease.

4. The drive to keep learning and achieving. Super successful people realize that they’re always students. They may be a master of a certain subject, but there’s always something new they can develop or learn. Once they achieve one goal, then they use their current knowledge to help them learn something else that brings them even more success.

  • It’s okay to take a break to enjoy your success once you’ve achieved a goal, but always ask yourself what’s next. There’s always a way that you can expand your success.

5. No fear of failure. The super successful don’t waste their time worrying about failure. They know that everyone must take certain risks if they’re going to achieve success and that some ideas might not work out. You only fail if you give up or decide not to try at all. If you’re still trying, then you haven’t failed!

  • Just as with the other traits, overcoming a fear of failure can be accomplished by starting small. Start out by taking some minor risks. See how most of them work out fine when you expect the best and seek solutions to the challenges? The more ideas you try, the more successes you’ll have, and you’ll feel confident about forging ahead without fear.

To attain the life of the super successful, the most important thing to remember is to always give your all. Adopt these success traits as your own, and soon you’ll find that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals!

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Do you struggle with feelings of anxiety? If so, it’s good to know that there are ways to relieve your suffering. You can learn strategies to take charge of your nervousness and experience the serenity you deserve. You can learn to control your anxiety with simple deep breathing techniques.

When you breathe deeply and fully, your body stays calm. You may still be a bit tense, but your relaxed breathing can protect you from an anxiety attack. In an anxiety attack, you may have a tendency to hyperventilate, which increases the level of panic you experience. However, deep breathing keeps you in control.

When you hyperventilate, you take short, quick breaths in the top part of your lungs. Your chest expands, but you aren’t getting the full amount of air that you need to remain calm. The quick overload of oxygen you receive from shallow breathing makes your apprehension and panic even worse. It becomes a cycle that can be hard to break without practice.

The Most Beneficial Way To Breathe

Any time you can concentrate on breathing fully – all the way down to your abdomen – you’ll improve your relaxation response to stressful situations. If your chest is rising with each breath, you’re not expanding your lungs to full capacity. Your body lacks the oxygen it needs to thrive under the pressure of the moment.

Place a hand just above your belly button and breathe. If you’re breathing deeply, your hand will rise and fall with each breath.

Practice breathing slowly by taking full, deep breaths. You might feel a bit strange at first because you’re not used to it. You may even feel a bit giddy, but that’s normal. It’ll pass with practice.

You’re getting plenty of air, even if you don’t feel like you are. Your lungs can expand without your upper chest rising. Only your upper belly needs to rise and fall. At first, you probably won’t breathe this way unless you’re thinking about it because you’re so conditioned to breathe from your chest. Keep practicing often, and you’ll soon be breathing properly all the time.

How Breathing Affects Anxiety

Anxiety may be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. It may simply be the product of over-active nerves that react too strongly to stimuli. However, regardless of what causes you to feel anxious, the most important thing is to alleviate it and reduce the degree to which it affects your life. Anxiety doesn’t have to stop you from living the life you deserve.

By lowering your anxiety, you may be able to:

  • Change careers or get promoted
  • Speak in front of others without fear
  • Travel to places you’ve always wanted to see
  • Embark on a new relationship or business venture
  • Reduce your dependency on medication or therapy

If you’re contemplating reducing any medication or therapy you’re currently using, consult your physician before making any changes to your established regimen. But you can still start deep breathing right away. There are no side effects, as this type of breathing is natural and healthy. And it’s something that everyone can learn and benefit from.

If you struggle with worry, you can feel more relaxed and in control by simply controlling your breathing. Begin practicing deep breathing strategies today and experience peace in the midst of the storms of your life!

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Yogi Berra once said that ninety percent of the game is mental. He was talking about the game of baseball, of course, but your attitude determines your altitude in every area of your life. Your thoughts determine your destiny!

A can-do attitude and a healthy dose of self-confidence is all you need to succeed. You, too, can be one of those go-getters who achieve great things.

A little positive reinforcement can go a long way in boosting your self-assurance. Self-talk that supports your goals will have a greater impact on boosting your overall self image than the opinions of others.

You are the Master of your Fate

Do you feel that your life is lacking in some area? If you’re experiencing challenges romantically, professionally, or in any other area of life, know that you are the key to changing it. Instead of placing blame on yourself and feeling defeated, realize that you are your greatest chance to effect change that leads to success in any aspect of your life.

You Can Do It

thoughts lead toactions that produce detrimental results.

But this can work the other way, too. By telling yourself that you can succeed, you create a self-fulfilling prophecy that supports your success.

Positive Reinforcement is Optimistic

When you believe that you can succeed, you’ll feel more confident to take the steps that are required to overcome the challenges you face. With positive reinforcement, even failures become opportunities to learn and grow.

You can replace the voice in your head that causes you fear with one that pushes you forward by focusing on the good within yourself.

Convince yourself that you’re capable of greatness by replacing negative thoughts with more productive self-talk. Then, when you do achieve your goal or overcome that challenge, you’ll have an additional dose of confidence that will spur you on to greater success.

Cue the Music!

For big challenges, support yourself as much as possible. In addition to speaking words of encouragement to yourself, consider playing some music to pump you up. Whether it’s the theme to Rocky or Europe’s The Final Countdown, music can boost your self-belief and ease your worries.

If you don’t have an MP3 or CD player handy, hum your favorite songs while you prepare. Inspirational tunes can make you feel like you can take on any challenge.

Your mind plays a large part determining the level of success you experience. Tell yourself that youcan do it. Positive self-talk will increase your confidence in your own abilities. When you add the drive and willpower, you can achieve anything you want in life!

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